How does grid help?

I remember that afternoon I was waiting for the metro-link train on the station platform of UMSL-North station and had a brief conversation with a classmate about grid. It was right after a class which introduced the “grid” concept, both of us were still carrying the new term/concept and to me, I enjoy exchanging ideas in design every now and then.

How does grid help?

Laudamus 2022 tour program

The musical program was designed for the male choir group from Concordia Seminary in Saint Louis for their 2022 tour. The tour would include performance in Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri from March 19 to April 13, 2022.

illustration, city of Creve Coeur

Creve Coeur is a city in west St. Louis County, with a name derived from Creve Coeur Lake nearby.

St. Monica Catholic Church on Olive Blvd, Tappmeyer house and Pavilion in Millennium Park are showed in the illustration. The city is home for several leading industries including bio sciences and medical services in the region.

great Isaiah scroll

The Great Isaiah scroll is on the cover of the Concordia Journal Winter 2021 issue. In design, The scroll wraps around the front and back covers to provide more detail; it connects and lead the readers to the content of the journal. Concordia Journal is a flagship theological journals of North American Lutheran Christianity.

You can check out this journal here:

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan and its enrollment specific plan are designed for Concordia Seminary’s on going missions. The design is based on a vision of clear and full communication. Two branding colors gold and green are used thoroughly on both the programs, with full bleed photos and their descriptions help connecting the seminary and the readers.

Eisleben Circle brochure

The brochure is designed for a charity program with its ongoing missions. To carry out the program’s messages clearly, the simple bi-fold program is branded with a light cyan and dark orange color scheme. The product is crafted with foil stamps and clear strike through on a 80 pounds card stock .

O Sing to the Lord

As an instant presentation of its musical content, the package design for the Laudamus CD  album ‘Sing to the lord’ focus on the choir’s classical branding, with its black and white color theme and title in gold script typeface. The all male choir’s  all 11 soundtracks are packed in this six panels matte finish case.