Seminary Strategic Booklet

A 20 pages two columns base brochure to introduce Concordia seminary’s two year long strategic priority plan.

The two main branding colors for the seminary are used in the design of the booklet. Landmark and close-up people photos are to help connecting the big picture and the individuals.

Four colors offset printing process on uncoated 80 pound paper for inside pages, and 100 pound paper on cover.

You can download the PDF version of strategic plan Here.

Cover page

Reformation Celebration

The celebration service program is designed for the 500 anniversary event of Martin Luther’s reformation. The chosen images on inside pages reflect the core content of the celebration: Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide and Sola Gratia. The program set with Caecilia LT Pro as main typeface, with metallic gold ink on uncoated paper.

Summer Workshop

The package carry schedule, information of the summer workshop offered by the school and are mailed out through the United States. It includes brochure, mailing insert and postcard. The 3-folds brochure is printed on uncoated text paper, Minion Pro Regular for main text and San Serif Gotham HTF Bold as title text. Peach color is added to gain attention and create a visual contrast with limited using of typeface for a clean and easy reading experience.